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The Town Council has opposed sensible limits on cruise ships. It opposed the Citizens Initiative being put on the ballot, campaigned against it before the vote, obstructed enactment after it passed, and essentially begged interested parties to sue the town for an injunction.

Charles Sidman should be at the table to represent the overwhelming majority of Bar Harbor who voted for the ordinance and to stop any back room deals.

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I believe Home Rule is called for. We are not trying to change world commerce laws.

We win on the grounds of the negative impacts to our health and our welfare. As is, here in BH cruise ships are sending plumes of Sulfur dioxide up Maine street from the ship tenders,

the same guys who are trying to sue Bar Harbor for exercising their Constitutional right to petition.

It is known, according to the WHO and the NIH that when SO2 is inhaled and it hits the H2O on your airways it becomes Sulfuric acid. That is battery acid. Asthma, Lung cancer, Heart disease, premature death are the end result.

This tender operation is and has been for decades violating the SOP, Standard Operation Procedure that states in the final sentence , they are to turn off the tenders and tie them tight. But they power up instead in order to pin the tender to the dock because it is faster. I have shot many pictures and videos of the clouds of poison next to the town pier. If anything we should be suing the cruise industry along with Walsh’s big buck tendering operation.

However our TC thinks $500,000. in passenger fees is worth breathing battery acid.

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