I don’t expect 7 TC to get it right in all matters. Neither did Our Founding Fathers. So they gave us all pens to write citizens petitions with.

The pen is mightier than the sword. The TC should welcome the democratic process and not feel threatened. The voting is done. The majority rules. This is Democracy. We should celebrate the wisdom of the citizens to see through the deadly cruise ship fantasy before any more damage is done. Cruising on the back of the biggest internal combustion engines in the world is the most irresponsible tourism on the planet. Cruising is doomed.

I do not know you Lin.

I will tell you my email to the TC was not meant to be private. I welcome any and all discussion. I want to know exactly what the facts are.

Fact. H2O + SO2 = battery acid. What more do you need to know? Do you want ANP to be known as Acid National Park?

Publishing this fact is a totally responsible act.

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Do citizens who exercise their right to petition their government have any reasonable expectation of privacy and protection from private emails being shared with the general public?

I ask this in all seriousness.

I know Town Councilors indulge in derogatory characterizations of residents who don't agree with them . While taking sniffy snowflakey umbrage at critique's of their performance as elected officials.

I read this email as from someone who has petitioned the Town Council in all seriousness and some expectation of being taken seriously - and because of the councilors' continual intransigence has become disillusioned that this set of councilors are capable of doing their job. And so would like them to resign.

If any councilor feels threatened by this email or its author, then publishing this cri de coeur is a spectacularly inappropriate response.

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