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Carrie - a big thanks for covering the Conners Emerson quiet time.

Sounds like principal Heather Webster has kept her team focused on education. Wonderful news. I bet Conners Emerson isn't hemorrhaging kids and parents as are the social engineering school districts in the Seattle area, for instance, where public schools have lost thousands, and, as a result, big chunks of budget.

Reading should be a family activity. When Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss are on the bed time tuck-in team, toddlers will soon enough build their own action and sound gardens from the squiggly ink of the alphabet.

Note to bibliophile bargain hunters: Value Village, Goodwill, Half Price Books - they're all overflowing with markdowns. Ebay, too. E-books and TikTok have cleared out a lot of home bookshelves. We haunt the thrift markets, use Clorox wipes and call it new. Schools facing budget cuts might enlist parent volunteers, arm them with title-wanted lists and tubs of sanitizer. One of my super energetic daughters-in-law repurposes urban book discards for remote villages in Alaska.

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